Rotten Shadows

A young Syrian refugee girl lives in a street of Istanbul, makes an unusual friendship.

Here is the trailer of Rotten Shadows:

Rotten Shadows Trailer

Rotten Shadows is selected for the film festivals below:

  • My Love Michelle Short Film Festival (San Antonio, Texas, United States)
  • iChill Film Festival (Manila, Philippines)
  • Europa Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
  • STIFF Semi-finalist 2018 (Turin, Italy)
  • International 573 Film Festival (Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States)
  • Short Film Showcase festival (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States)
  • Rassam international Short Film festival (Tehran, Iran, the Islamic Republic of)
  • MigrArti Film Festival (Caltabellotta, Sicily, Italy)
  • Green Valley International Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Thunderdance Film Festival (Hackney, London, United Kingdom)
  • In-Short Film Festival 2018 (Nigeria)
  • Dogslaughter Film Festival (Corbin, Kentucky, United States)
  • Rwanda Film Festival (Kigali, Rwanda)

Scenes from Rotten Shadows:

Rotten Shadows Scene: beggar
Rotten Shadows Scene: Gul and beggar
Rotten Shadows Scene: kindergarten